Sacred Breathwork is a therapeutic method that utilizes non-ordinary states of consciousness for their healing potentials. Sacred Breathwork was developed by my own teacher C. Michael Smith, Ph.d. This form of Breathwork is a synthesis of several sources, including Jungian psychology, the work of psychologist Stan Grof, and traditional healing methods from all over the world.

With the use of a deep breathing technique as well as appropriate evocative musical selection and trained facilitation, we are able to safely access these non-ordinary states of consciousness for their theraputic potentials. This accesses the deeper healing mechanisms of the body and psyche and gives a chance for tensions, traumas, creative blocks, emotional wounds, or ill thought patterns to be uncovered and worked with in order to move toward a more integrated state of well being and renewed worldview.

Cultures all around the world have implemented methods similar to Breathwork in their societies since before known history as Ritual for the purpose of maintaining equilibrium in the individual and the society. From West African drum and dance, Native American sweat lodge ceremonies, psychedelic plant medicine use, and more, societies have built into their way of life regular times for members of society to find healthy release and self expression, something we lack on a larger scale in Western culture.

What is unique about these Breathworks is that as often as possible I will perform the music LIVE! using live Drums, Percussion, and Song, as opposed to a fixed or pre recorded playlist. This allows us to tap into the spirit of the moment and pulse of Life.


– Workshops will begin with a 1hr introductory talk for beginners in order to give an understanding of safety, potential experiences, and to give a framework for understanding the experience.

– Each day long workshop will consist of two 2 1/2 hr sessions. Participants will choose a partner as their ally (sitter) for the experience and switch roles for the second session.

– The “breathers” begin by laying comfortably on a mat with eyes closed or covered, with allies present to assist if needed. The session begins with a short guided relaxation meditation given by the facilitator to prepare the mind and body for their experience. After the induction, the music and deep breathing begins as the breather takes off into their journey.

– After the 2 1/2 hr breathwork comes to an end and the breathers have reached closure, each breather will sit and make representative artwork (mandala) of their experience to represent any insightful or meaningful information.

– Once finished the breather/ally switch roles for the second session, allowing everyone to have an experience as well as be an ally.

– When both sessions finish we meet as a group and share any desired information and senses of our experiences as a way to help INTEGRATE the experience.


*the maximum number of participants at the moment is 10 persons. please be sure to register as soon as possible to reserve your space.

*breathers should not consume a heavy meal less than 2hrs before their session

*make sure to wear comfortable clothing

*please no heavy perfume or scents in case of allergies

*communicate with allies on any special needs or things preferred or not

*if driving afterward, please be sure you are in a grounded mental space

*participation pricing will be listed in “event” pages. If there are any concerns on payment please contact me privately to discuss

*bring lunch/snack and/or potluck

*some art supplies will be provided but if you have any preferred methods or supplies you are welcome to bring those

*bring a mat to lay on, pillow, eye cover, food, journal


Due to the sensitivity and vulnerabilities expressed during these experiences please be respectful and mindful of another’s process and information expressed. Thank you!

Visit link for BREATHWORK LIVE! group page to learn about event dates

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